What is compression stocking?

What is compression stocking?

Ortholand Compression Stocking

What is compression stocking?

Compression stockings are specially designed stockings that are used in the treatment of varicose veins and recommended to support the methods applied in the treatment of varicose veins. With its tight and long structure; by creating pressure especially on the lower part of the leg; It preve nts blood from accumulating in the lower extremity area. However, it is recommended to use varicose stockings, which are used to pump blood up, under the supervision of a doctor. As a result of the researches; It is seen that varicose stockings have a reducing effect on edema and swelling in the legs, as well as prevent the risk of clots and the feeling of pain.

How compression stockings are effective?

The compression stockings which are produced from elastic material, apply pressure to feet and leg. This stocking, which wraps the feet and ankles more tightly and the calf and thigh areas more loosely, helps to regulate the blood circulation in the legs significantly. At the same time, the muscles in the calf area contract during the walking process, supporting the pumping of blood to the heart at the right rate, thanks to the stockings.

What diseases is compression stockings used in the treatment of?

Compression stockings provide benefits in most of the circulatory disorders. These disorders can be listed as follows;

• Varix • Venous Stasis

• Lymphedema

• Thrombose in legs

• Post-thrombotic syndrome

At the same time; it is also effective in preventing the problems that these diseases cause in daily life. Compression stockings play an important role in preventing the effects of varicose veins in people who work by standing constantly and those who sit for a long time.

Do hospitalized people need to wear Compressions Stockings?

Experts advise that the people who will be hospitalized for a long time should wear Compression Stockings. The reason of this is that the compression stockings can prevent thrombose. In fact; remaining still for a long time can expose the risk of thrombose.

How should I choose Compression Stockings?

There is no standard type for compression stockings. Compression stockings are different accordingly the complaint and severity of the problem. The type of compression stocking recommended by the doctor should be used.

How long should I wear the Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings is advised to wear for a lifetime. At the same time; It should be remembered that the stockings should be worn at day time and should be taken off at night time.

How to wear Stockings correctly?

It is recommended to wear compression stockings after waking up in the morning, before swelling occurs in your legs. Hand wash, rinse thoroughly, do not toss or twist to remove water. Lay dry and never iron.

Are there any side effetcs to wear Compression Stockings?

According to studies, using compression stockings does not have any short and long-term effects.

Is There Any Surgery I Can Avoid From Wearing Compression Stockings?

Surgery is applied to eliminate the problems caused by varicose veins. Therefore, the use of compression stockings should be continued.

How can I understand that Compression Stockings are working?

If the feeling of pain, swelling or heaviness decreases during the use of varicose stockings, it is understood that the stocking is beneficial. The main purpose of using compression stockings is to relieve swelling in the ankle. ORTHOLAND compression stockings are produced in 3 different pressures (CCL1-CCL2-CCL3), 2 different colors (Black-Beige) and 7 different sizes, in accordance with 1st quality raw materials and international standards.