About Us

About Us

Ortholand brand has been created to produce high quality orthopedic supports, to design its products in a way that will provide maximum benefit to users and to present them to the market at the most affordable price.

The range of Ortholand branded orthopedic support products produced by BeyazGrup is quite large. With a wide size range; Products suitable for users of all sizes and sizes are available.

Our primary mission is to manufacture products using high quality raw materials and to design them as functional and durable for the user.

Our vision; To be one of the leading and preferred brands of the sector in Turkey and in the world.

Our Values

For us; Our dignity and self-respect are above all else. The principles of business ethics are essential for our business life.

Our basic understanding in management is respect for people. We believe that all of our employees and dealers have the right to have a say and to obtain information on all matters related to our business.

We work meticulously to develop different new ideas and implement them, to develop those ideas to solve previously unresolved problems or respond to previously unmet needs, or to make many existing products and services more useful, more aesthetic, safer and more useful to people.

We see self-development as both our right and our duty.

We believe that the quality we adopt as a way of life brings us a little closer to success in every product we produce and in every service we offer.

We know that consumer satisfaction and feedback on this matter is the guarantee of our existence.

By carrying the pioneering entrepreneurship spirit that is extremely open to change; We work hard to bring innovations in all our business lines.

We share the pride of our contributions to culture, art, education, science and sports, and see this as a result of our responsibility to society and the environment.

 We believe in ourselves. Please you believe in us too.